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David Korten: End Money as Power and Build Real Community Wealth

2 parts

airing 1/29 to 2/10/2012 in Ventura (see air times)
airing 1/30 and 2/6/2012 in other cities in Ventura County (see air times)

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David Korten, economist, activist, author

Economist and visionary, David Korten, dicusses the deceptions of Empire in the languaging of economic practices that serve the wealthiest at the expense of communities. He discusses the Occupy Movement, the IMF, and World Bank and also the need to shift to an economy based on natural systems.

Special thanks to the Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Church.

Cindy Piester of Pulse TV


The Brass’ Biggest Fear: Soldiers Who Unite and Just Say “NO!”

2 parts

airing during 1/8 – 1/20/2012 in Ventura (see air times)

airing 1/9 & 1/16/2012 in other cities in Ventura County (see air times)

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Kevin Baker, organizer with March Forward! and Iraq War Veteran

Kevin Baker joined the Army fully believing that he would be supporting the U.S. as a real force for good, toppling a brutal dictator, and bringing democracy to the country. This is his story of how he came to awareness and how he and other soldiers joined together to stand up to the Brass and demand care for themselves.

It is an amazing story of an amazing journey but a clear headed young soldier who is now a leader in the anti-war movement.

Filmed in Los Angeles, CA on Sept. 20, 2011


on the dark side in Al Doura – a soldier in the shadows

special air times 12/26, 12/27, 12/29, 12/31 at 10:00 pm

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WARNING: Graphic and disturbing photos between 38:40 and 40:45.
U.S. Army Ranger John Needham, who was awarded two purple hearts and three medals for heroism, wrote to military authorities in 2007 reporting war crimes that he witnessed being committed by his own command and fellow soldiers in Al Doura, Iraq. His charges were supported by atrocity photos which, in the public interest, are now released in this video. John paid a terrible price for his opposition to these acts. His story is tragic.

CBS reported obtaining an Army document from the Criminal Investigation Command suggestive of an investigation into these war crimes allegations. The Army’s conclusion was that the “offense of War Crimes did not occur.” However, CBS also stated that the report was “redacted and incomplete; 111 pages were withheld.”

This video is placed with the context of Vice President, Dick Cheney, insistence that this nation’s efforts “must go to the dark side;” which included ignoring the Geneva Conventions.

John’s story is told, here, by his father, Michael Needham. It is produced in the spirit of the public interest and towards promoting justice foundational to the rule of law.


Ethan McCord: “The whole war is an atrocity”

airing during 11/27 to 12/3/2011 in Ventura (see air times)

airing 11/28/2011 in other cities in Ventura County (see air times)

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Ethan McCord, Iraq veteran

Iraq combat veteran, Ethan McCord, who appeared in the Wikileaks Collateral Murder video is interviewed by Cindy Piester of Maverick Media and Pulse TV on June 10, 2011. Ethan was seen in the the Collateral Murder video as he raced to save the lives of two Iraqi children who had been shot in that now famous July, 2007 incident. The interview took place at the Claremont Forum where McCord spoke as keynote, as well as, part of a panel sponsored by World Can’t Wait, March Forward, Military Families Speak Out, Prisoners Book Project of the Claremont Forum, and the efforts of Alejandra and Jeremy Rishton.

Cindy Piester, Pulse TV


Smoked! A Soldier’s life and death

4 parts

airing during 10/30 to 11/18/2011 in Ventura (see air times)

airing 10/31, 11/7, 11/14/2011 in other cities in Ventura County (see air times)

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John Needham, combat soldier in Iraq

Interview with Michael Needham who tells the story of his son, John, a soldier in Iraq who not only had to fight Iraqi insurgents but had to deal with abuse and neglect by the military.
Filmed June 1, 2011.

Michael Needham, father of soldier John Needham


Corporations Are NOT People!

2 parts

airing 10/16 to 10/28/2011 in Ventura (see air times)
airing 10/17 & 10/24/2011 in other cities in Ventura County (see air times)

click to view Part 1

click to view Part 2



David Cobb with "Move To Amend"

Interview with David Cobb and Margaret Koster of “Move To Amend” about corporate power and the movement to amend the U.S. Constitution to declare that corporations are not people and do not have the rights of people.
Filmed at CAPS TV in Ventura, CA on Sept. 16, 2011.


Stop the Machine

2 parts
airing 10/2 to 10/14/11 in Ventura (see air times)
airing 10/3 & 10/10/11 in other cities in Ventura County (see air times)

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click to view Part 2

Michael Prysner, Iraq veteran & co-founder of March Forward!

Mike Prysner, Iraq combat veteran & founder of March Forward! discusses the upcoming October 2011 Protest in Washington D.C. to be held on the tenth anniversary of the U.S. intervention in Afghanistan with Cindy Piester of Pulse TV. Prysner also discusses his views of capitalism & socialism. Excerpts from a March Forward! Video are also included.

Filmed in L.A., CA on Sept. 20, 2011.

Cindy Piester of Pulse TV

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